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Published мај 30, 2015 by trendy_marina


Hi dear readers,

Last cloudy weekend, I spent at the village, near to my town. Morning before the rain, I used for photoshooting. I photographed lovely nature, my cute dogs, my sister and, of course, she  photographed me.

I show you one of my favourite spring/summer outfits in sporty casual style. The first combo includes  colorful baggy pants, green blouse and nude/light pink sneakers. The second combo includes green jeans, beige-brown T-shirt, brown jacket/blazer and the same sneakers. You can also see, my super stylish MCM backpack, which I got from my father as a present from his last trip. I am always backpack fan, and also in this season this kind of bags is very modern.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Yours Marina



DSC_0469 DSC_0470 DSC_0500DSC_0471  DSC_0501 DSC_0503  DSC_0537DSC_0538DSC_0572DSC_0579  DSC_0577DSC_0573




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